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Episode 4 (Intro to Vinyl 101)

The boys are back from Christmas vacation and they are ready to go! In this latest episode, Adam and Matt discuss the goodies they got for Christmas. Socks, Chocolate, good quality shaving products, and a brand new record player! Adam starts his deep dive into the wonderful (and sometimes expensive) world of record collecting, and Matt takes the opportunity to share some of his knowledge on the topic. Care & storage, pricing, equipment, accessories and more are covered as we do a crash course on beginning your vinyl record collection. So come on in, drop the needle, and hang with us for the next hour to enjoy some Happy Xen!

Show Notes:

  • Not sure what your record is worth? is a treasure trove of great info and pricing.
  • Live along Lake Ontario and want to join in on some great record discussions and posts? Check out the Lake Ontario Vinyl Collector’s Community (LOVCC for short) on Facebook.
  • Matt mentioned a record cleaning machine he got for around $100. Well it’s gone up in price, but he uses the Spin-Clean Record Washer and recommends it as a great entry level record cleaner.
Intro Music: Epic Song by BoxCat Games (
Outro Music: Level 4: First infiltration in Unresponsible Tech by Komiku (
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