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Ep. 59 – Xennial Fancasting: ThunderCats!

ThunderCats Ho!

On this episode of The Happy Xen Podcast, Adam and Matt are diving into the age old tradition of fancasting! We take a look at the recently announced ThunderCats movie, and try to justify our dream casting for each of the major roles. From Snarf to Lion-O, and Ratar-O to Mumm-Ra, none of the original lineup is spared! So strap in and buckle up for another Xennial nostalgia trip on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

Intro & Outro Music: The Happy Xen Podcast by Steve Jones (Twitter, Instagram and Youtube)
Show Announcer: Ian Slessor (


  1. Jesse+Redditt
    Jesse+Redditt April 27, 2021

    Thanks for X-Men 3 hate! I’m glad we all agree Adam is wrong

  2. Jesse+Redditt
    Jesse+Redditt April 27, 2021

    I think we should fancast something from the 90s or early 00s. There are so many possibilities

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