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Month: September 2019

Episode 34 – The End of Summer

Hello fellow campers!

It couldn’t last forever, Summer ’19 is over and it’s back to school and work! Listen as your hosts share their Summer vacation stories, Adam with his family trip across the ocean to England, and Matt with his family trip into Toronto for Fan Expo Canada. Get the answer to questions such as: Do the brits have have a better grocery system then us? Did Sean Astin shame Corey Feldman in front of a crowd? Is it cheaper to live in the U.K.? Does Steven Seagal really need three bodyguards?  Plus it’s catch-up time on all things pop culture. We’re talking that terrible Spider-man news, the year of Keanu, and even more Marvel announcements for Disney+. Stirring up controversy (and no doubt leading to backlash!), we also have Matt hating on Anime, and Adam hating on Horror films. Plus so much more!  So click on, buckle up and listen in, as we present you another Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Check out the latest Kickstarter campaign by friend of the pod, Peter Chiykowski, with The Story Engine
  • Our friends over at Nomnivore Games have finished the Hero Manual for Emberwind! You can purchase and download the digital version now, or pre-order the physical book which is coming soon!
  • Matt stopped by our friend Jason Anarchy’s booth at Fan Expo and picked up the latest version of Drinking Quest, Liquor Before Honor. You can get it and any of his other sweet games on his website.
  • Don’t forget to use promo code happyxen at checkout on to get 15% off your entire order or delicious coffee or tea!
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