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Episode 12 Part II (Our MCU Top 10!)

Hello everyone and welcome to part II of a special two-part episode of The Happy Xen Podcast! This week Adam and Matt wage war, as they each order the Marvel Cinematic Universe films from 18 to number 1. In part II (what you have right here), the guys countdown number 10 to 1, and you won’t believe how the two lists stacked up! Will the absence of alcohol help cooler heads prevail? Or will one of our hosts be pushed over the edge?! To find out, just click on, buckle up and listen in, as we present you another Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:


Intro Music: Epic Song by BoxCat Games (
Outro Music: Level 4: First infiltration in Unresponsible Tech by Komiku (
Show Announcer: Ian Slessor (
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