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Mini Episode – The Mandalorian Chapter 1 Commentary

Hey guys!

Today we are trying something a little different around here. Starting this week, and releasing every other week, we will drop commentary tracks that you can listen to while watching the new Disney+ series, The Mandalorian. Get a uniquely Xennial point of view from a couple of diehard Star Wars nerds as they explore each episode of this new story. So join Adam and Matt for Chapter 1 where we dive into our first introduction of the mysterious Mandalorian! What is his mission? Who does he work for? Where in the Star Wars timeline does this take place? Tune in now and find out (some of) those answers!

Intro & Outro Music: Bacterial Love by Rolemusic (


One Comment

  1. Adam
    Adam December 5, 2019

    loved it! HBO Watchmen should be next.

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