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Episode 28 – 2 the Core of Feldman

Hey Guys!

We know you’ve missed us, but we’re back! After what seems like forever, our intrepid hosts Adam and Matt hit the couch and get caught up on all things on their Xennial radar. The boys return to Emberwind with their impressions of a very epic tabletop campaign, the Star Wars Celebration news is digested with views on the new Episode 9 trailer and all the awesome Mandalorian info so far, a quick review of Wrestlemania by Adam, Matt presents the Fan Expo Canada guest list so far, and Adam loses his mind when he see’s what Corey Feldman has been up to all these years. All this and so much more, so click on, buckle up and listen in, as we present you another Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Want to see what all the excitement is about? Check out Emberwind here:
  • Interested in Hobby Day or just want to check out a great gaming lounge in Durham? Check out Critical Hit Gaming Lounge on Facebook!
  • Been living under a rock these past weeks and haven’t seen the trailer for Episode 9? Check it out on Youtube!
  • You didn’t think we’d leave you hanging without links to those very special Corey Feldman videos did you? Check them out here and here!
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  1. ALG
    ALG April 27, 2019

    Adam, didn’t you go to see fight club with us? One of my favourite movie theaters memories! Can’t believe you didn’t tell the story this episode, I think you were there.

    • Jesse Redditt
      Jesse Redditt June 12, 2019

      I think he left with all of the people who were under 18 while we basked in the glory of Fight Club

  2. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt April 29, 2019

    Too much Feldman, not enough Haim

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