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Ep. 51 – Playing Catch Up

Welcome back for another exciting episode of The Happy Xen Podcast! On this episode, our hosts  share what’s been going on their lives over the past few weeks, and catch up on the latest pop culture news. Topics include the passing of Sean Connery, the Wonder Woman 1984 release, a spoiler-filled discussion on season 2 of The Boys, working from home during COVID-19 and much more! So strap in and get comfortable, while you join us for a Xennial ride on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Catch that Fresh Prince Reunion special trailer here!
  • Thank you to our friend Jason Poland for giving us a shout-out as Dracula joins the podcasting community in My Dad Is Dracula. Take a look!
  • Looking for story ideas? The Story Engine from our friend Peter Chiykowski is the help you need. Head to to learn more. Use this link, or promo code ‘happyxen’ at checkout, and save 10% off the your entire order, including sale items!
  • Deadly Grounds Coffee fuels The Happy Xen Podcast. Try their holiday blends on their site and use promo code ‘happyxen’ for 15% off your order. Get Deadly!
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Intro & Outro Music: The Happy Xen Podcast by Steve Jones (Twitter, Instagram and Youtube)
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  1. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt November 27, 2020

    Good Connery discussion. Zardoz is an insane film. Another good Connery film is The Name of the Rose. Great early Ron Perlman performance as well

  2. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt November 27, 2020

    How can anyone diss the McConaughey? Dazed and Confused, A Time to Kill, Dallas Buyers Club, Mud, True Dectective. Shame on you

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