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Ep. 44 – MCU March Madness!

Hello True Believers!

March Madness didn’t happened this year, so we have the next best thing with the MCU March Madness!

On this episode, Adam and Matt go head to head as they make their cases in the battle between the MCU heroes. Who will win between Hawkeye and The Falcon? Doctor Strange and Thor? or The Hulk and Captain Marvel? Tune in now to find out who is the last one standing. So hang with us as we continue to fill your ears with our Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Want to play along at home? Grab the bracket from Stan Lee’s Twitter account here: MCU March Madness
  • Check out these great articles about Peter Chiykowski’s Queen Screen adventure: Yahoo News and Dal News
  • Our friends at Deadly Grounds Coffee continue to offer local delivery, as well as shipping all over the place. Stop by their site and use promo code ‘happyxen’ for 15% off your order!
  • Be excellent to each other. Stay healthy and safe!
  • Side with Adam over Matt? Think we were both wrong? Have a suggestion? Contact us on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
Intro Music: Epic Song by BoxCat Games (
Outro Music: Level 4: First infiltration in Unresponsible Tech by Komiku (
Show Announcer: Ian Slessor (


  1. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt April 30, 2020

    I actually agree with Hawkeye over Falcon.

  2. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt June 7, 2020

    Can’t say I would’ve picked Scarlett Witch to win. It kinda almost makes sense though

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