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Ep. 42 – The New Normal?

It’s been a long few weeks right?

There is no other way of saying this, things have changed….a lot! As the world braces and endures through the largest global pandemic of our lifetime, we have had to adjust. Most of us are working from home. self-isolating and social/physical distancing from one another. Anxiety is on high, and things are changing by the hour.

We at The Happy Xen Podcast are hear to help you pass the time by entertaining you with our usual antics. On this episode we talk the obvious, as well as where we see things going, and how different generations seem to be handling the pandemic overall. In addition we discuss the importance of supporting local businesses during this time. So hang with us as we get our footing and continue to fill your ears with our Xennial point of view on The Happy Xen Podcast!

Show Notes:

  • Please get all your COVID-19 information from valid sources. In Canada head to this site for all the latest information: Coronavirus disease (COVID-19)
  • If you are in the Durham area, check out our friends over at Chronicle Brewery for home delivery of their tasty craft beer!
  • Don’t forget to head to Deadly Grounds Coffee and use promo code ‘happyxen’ for 15% off your order!
  • Be excellent to each other. Stay healthy and safe!
  • Interact with us 24/7! Check us out on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
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Outro Music: Level 4: First infiltration in Unresponsible Tech by Komiku (
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One Comment

  1. Jesse Redditt
    Jesse Redditt April 19, 2020

    “They’re running out of people” is a great line. Score 1 for Adam

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